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About Me

Hi There!

My name is Meera, I'm an IT professional by day as well as a volunteer that I don't mean I am a pro at making toast(!) but I can make a toast, if you know what I mean! :-)

I was born in Kenya and am of North Indian origin and now living in the UK (global citizen sounds much more palatable!)

I have a fondness for cooking, especially if it is for others! I've setup this blog as my foray into the world of foodies whilst I have been exploring a number of food and drink recipes, particularly passed down from family or friends, as a means of positive distraction during this very introspective year, 2020! 

I love writing about my experiences and thought what better than to setup a food blog and share some recipes with you all along with some personality, a sense of humour and most importantly all my heart - a great combination of ingredients when cooking up a storm...or feast even!

I hope you enjoy this blog post, feel free to drop me a note and let me know what you think!



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